Multiplicity Control up to 9 computers with 1 keyboard and mouse. Multiplicity is more versatile and less expensive than KVM switch boxes. Free trial available. Multiplicity
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Software for Controlling Multiple PCs
Using One Keyboard and Mouse


  • Control up to 9  PCs and displays with one keyboard and mouse
  • Copy and paste text and images between multiple PCs
  • Drag and drop files of any size between multiple PCs
  • Encryption and compression of data transfers and keyboard inputs
  • Lock and unlock all PCs at once with a single keyboard input
  • Centralize audio and alerts from multiple PCs to a main PC


Use One Keyboard / Mouse

Multiplicity is easy to configure and within minutes you will be more productive and in control of multiple   PCs and displays. Demo Video

Copy and Paste

Copy and paste text and images between your PCs; Multiplicity even retains text and image formatting.
Demo Video

Drag and Drop Files

Drag and drop files between PCs. Files of any size are transferred quickly and securely with data compression and encryption. Demo Video

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

User data is encrypted for security in sensitive work environments. Settings can be locked to prevent unauthorized configuration changes. Demo Video

Lock / Unlock All PCs

Multiplicity enables you to send the same command to all PCs at once to lock or unlock them all, or any other function. Demo Video

Centralize Audio

Centralize Audio

Ensure you never miss an email, chat or alert. Listen to the audio from multiple PCs through one PC.
Demo Video




Multiplicity Base 


Control Multiple PCs and Displays with One Keyboard and Mouse  2 PCs  up to 9 PCs
Copy and Paste Text and Images Between PCs                          
 Drag and Drop Files and Folders of Any Size Between PCs                 
 Encryption and Compression of Keyboard Inputs and Data Transfers    
 Lock and Unlock All PCs at Once with a Single Keyboard Input
 Centralize Audio and Alerts from Multiple PCs to One    
 Quick and Easy Install and Setup     
 Low Cost, Reliable and Easy to Use    
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* Up to 8 Secondary PCs at No Additional Charge

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In Use By:

  • Trading and Research Desks
  • Emergency Call Centers
  • Engineering and Test Centers
  • Media Production Desks
  • Information Technology Teams
  • Software Developers and Testers
  • Network Operations Centers
  • Medical Operations Centers
  • Military and Defense Centers
  • Transportation Control Desks


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 Replace Your KVM Switch Box

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System Requirements

  • Windows 8/7/Vista/XP (XP 32-bit only)
  • Windows 8/7/Vista for Audio Support
  • One Monitor per PC Minimum
  • Network Connection Between PCs
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Multiplicity Licensed from Stardock Corporation - Trading Desk Image Courtesy of Argosy Consoles