Multiplicity FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between KM and KVM mode?

KVM mode enables the user to connect to and manage other computers anywhere on the network and will display the remote PC’s desktop on the local PC monitor while sending keyboard and mouse input to the remote PC. In KM mode each PC has its own monitor(s) and shares a single keyboard and mouse between all computers. KM mode is essentially a KVM switch without the video switching; all displays are continuously connected to their respective computers, so that all connected PCs can be managed seamlessly, in real time. To navigate from one computer to the next, simply move your mouse cursor from one monitor to the next.

When should KM mode be used?

KM mode should be used when a user needs to work simultaneously with multiple displays attached to multiple computers using a single keyboard and mouse. Multiple displays can be connected to each computer. KM mode is designed to have up to 9 computers connected and working simultaneously.

Can I use a KM mode with multiple-display computers?

Yes, Multiplicity can be easily configured to support dual, triple, or quad head monitors on up to nine computers.

What keyboards are supported by Multiplicity?

Any keyboard that works with your PC will work with Multiplicity.

What mice are supported by Multiplicity?

Any mouse that works with your PC will work with Multiplicity.

What display monitors are supported by Multiplicity?

Any display monitor that works with your PC will work with Multiplicity, including HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and VGA among others.

Does Multiplicity require any specific hardware to be purchased?

No, as long as you have the computers and monitors, a network connection between the computers and the Multiplicity software, you are ready to go.

Do I need to install any new software drivers?

Multiplicity uses your PC with its current driver software. In some situations you may need to update your drivers to the most current available from your PC manufacture, but this is typically a simple automated download process.

Can Multiplicity control a PC in another room or location?

Yes, as long as the computers are on the same network or have a VPN connection the computers can be in another location. However, in KM seamless mode each computer is using its own monitor so those computers do need to be close to the user so they can see the displays.

Does a keyboard and mouse need to be connected to secondary PCs when using Multiplicity?

Only during the installation of Multiplicity; not for continued use. Note: When using Windows 8 you may need to check the box in Multiplicity's interface to enable fake pointer support if there is no mouse attached to see the cursor.

Can I drag a running application (browser window for example) from one computer to another with Multiplicity?

Actively running application cannot be moved between PCs. Files, folders, text and images of any size can be moved or copied between Multiplicity connected PCs. Multiplicity retains formatting attributes on text and images.