Multiplicity Quick Start Guide

Version 3.2 with true KVM capability

Multiplicity Configuration

System Compatibility

- Keyboard and mouse, wired or wireless
- Video monitor (VGA, SVGA, HDMI, DVI, USB, DisplayPort, PS/2)
- Windows 8, 7 and Vista; 32 and 64-bit; Windows XP 32-bit only
- Windows Server 2003 / 2003 R2, 2008 / 2008 R2, 2012 / 2012 R2
- All PCs must be accessible on the same network or router, wired or wireless
- PCs on different networks must be accessible by VPN or crossover cable

1. Download Multiplicity

Click the "Download Multiplicity 3" button to the right to start the download. After the download completes, save the Multiplicity3_setup.exe file to a flash drive or any shared storage device where it can be accessed by the PCs to be included in the Multiplicity workgroup.

Optionally, Multiplicity can be downloaded to each PC individually.

2. Configure All Secondary PCs

Run installer on each secondary PC. Once Multiplicity is installed, the Control Panel will open. Each PC must be designated as either a primary or secondary using the slide switch in the upper right corner of the Control Panel. Write down the computer name and passcode for each secondary PC installed. This information will be needed when configuring the primary PC. Security, monitor sharing and audio sharing settings may also be set for secondary PCs now, or at a later time.

An attached keyboard, mouse and monitor are required during the installation process.

3. Activate the Primary PC

Run the installer on the primary PC. Once Multiplicity is installed the Control Panel will open. The primary PC has the keyboard, mouse and monitor that will control secondary PCs. To select a PC to be the Primary PC slide the selection control in the upper right corner of the control panel from Secondary to Primary. Trial or License activation is required to configure the primary PC and use Multiplicity. Only the primary PC needs to be activated. For the free trial, select "Start Trial." For a purchased product, select "Enter Product Key"; you can use the product key on your receipt or your EdgeRunner account email address and password to activate a purchased product.

4. Primary PC: Setup KM and KVM Connections

KM Seamless Mode: Shared Keyboard and Mouse

Secondary PCs will appear in the column to the right under "add computer." Drag a PC onto the configuration grid. Enter the PC passcode captured during Step 3; Multiplicity will perform a connection test. Repeat this process for each secondary PC to be controlled by the primary PC.

KVM Remote Mode: Shared Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse

PCs connected to the network or VPN may also share the primary PC monitor. To activate KVM mode, open the Primary PC's KVM tab in the Control Panel and define a hotkey that will be used to enter KVM mode from the primary PC. Next add PCs that will share a monitor with the primary PC; select "add computer" and enter the PC passcode (captured from Step 3) to add the PC. Multiplicity will perform a connection test and add the PC to the Multiplicity work group.

Close the Control Panel and Start Using Multiplicity!

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System Details

  • Multiplicity Services authorized in Windows and 3rd party firewalls
  • Multiplicity Service - Port 30564
  • Multiplicity Clipboard - Port 30565
  • Multiplicity Application (Clipboard) - Executable Multi3.exe
  • Multiplicity Audio Service - Port 30567
  • Multiplicity Remote Screen Service - Port 30569
  • Multiplicity Application (Remote Screen Control) - MPRDP64.exe