Multiplicity Security Features

Multiplicity provides extensive security capabilities enabling user control over all aspects of when and how connections are permitted and the protection of data moved between systems.

Connection Security Codes

Primary PCs are configured with a connection code unique to each PC it will control.

Remote Connection Session Codes

PCs requesting a remote connection can be required to enter a session code generated by the remote PC.

Encrypted Data Transmission

AES-256 encryption of all data sent between PCs with the ability to define a unique encryption key for each PC.

Encrypted Connections

Ability to require all or specific remote connections to be encrypted.

Remote Connection Timeout

Remote connection session time limits can be preset to ensure connections are not left open.

View Only Connections

Remote PC connections can optionally be limited to view only.

Audit Logging

Remote connection activity can be logged to the Windows Event Viewer.

Centralized Audio Transfer Pass Code

Audio transfer pass codes required to send audio from one PC to another.

Lock / Unlock all PCs at Once

Convenient ability to lock and unlock all PCs at once with a single keyboard input helps restrict unauthorized access to PCs.

Lock Down User Configuration Options

Multiplicity's user configuration options can be set by administrators and locked down.

Signed Binaries

Identify authentic Multiplicity binaries.