Active Desktop Thumbnails

Multiplicity can display a full screen of active desktop thumbnails from remote PCs available to be selected and controlled from the Primary PC. Based on your monitor resolution Multiplicity will automatically resize and adjust the number of thumbnails displayed and horizontal scroll to accommodate as many thumbnail views as are available.

Multiplicity Software KVM Active Desktop Thumbnails
Connect to a Remote PC

Connect to a Remote PC

Clicking on a thumbnail will open the selected PC's desktop full screen and the local keyboard and mouse will now control the remote PC. Optionally a user may require a session code to authorize control of the remote PC. An on-screen indicator will display on the monitor identifying a remote connection is active. If the remote PC has multiple monitors connected, you can toggle through the remote monitors to select which monitor is locally displayed.

Active Thumbnail Sidebar

A second method to connect to a remote PC is to select it from the thumbnail sidebar. The sidebar can be displayed all the time or automatically based on mouse control. When sufficient thumbnails are available the sidebar will scroll and can be one or two columns wide.

Multiplicity Software KVM Active Thumbnail Sidebar
Multiplicity Software KVM Sidebar Customization

Sidebar Customization

Multiplicity provides user control over many sidebar behaviors including: monitor placement in multi-monitor setups, display location and auto-hide.

KM Seamless Mode Set Up

KM seamless mode enables the cursor to be moved between monitors attached to separate PCs simply by using the mouse to slide it off one display and onto the next. The configuration grid is used to define the location of each PC display relative to the Primary PC. Available Multiplicity PCs are shown on the right which can be drag-and-dropped into position. Multiple preset configurations can be saved if you need to operate in different environments such as a laptop used at work and at home.

Multiplicity Software KVM KM Seamless Model Setup
Multiplicity Software KVM Adding Additional KM Connected PCs

Adding Additional PCs

An alternative method to add PCs to the configuration grid is simply to enter its IP address and place it on the grid relative to the Primary PC that has the controlling keyboard and mouse.

KVM Mode Set Up

KVM mode enables sharing of the Primary PC’s monitor, keyboard and mouse to control another PC.  KVM connected PCs can be anywhere on the network or connected via VPN.  The KVM set up tab enables control of various capabilities and selection of the PCs that will be available in KVM mode.  Selected PCs are shown as active desktop thumbnails on the KVM full screen or sidebar selection menus.

Multiplicity Software KVM - KVM Mode Setyp
Multiplicity Software KVM - Advanced KVM Video Settings

Advanced Video Settings

Multiplicity accommodates local network capacity constraints by enabling adjustments to the graphic quality transmitted thereby reducing or increasing the bandwidth utilized when transmitting video.

General Operation Settings

Multiplicity provides a wide range of operational options enabling the user to customize its behavior to their preferences.

Multiplicity Software KVM General Settings
Multiplicity Software KVM Mouse Behavior Setup

Mouse Behavior Set Up

The Options tab enables selection of specific options that control mouse behavior in KM seamless mode.

Encryption Key Set Up

Multiplicity enables the user to define the key to be used for AES-256 encryption.

Multiplicity Software KVM Encryption Key Setup
Multiplicity Software KVM Hot Key Setup

Hot Key Set Up

Multiplicity supports custom hotkeys enabling customized control when switching between computers and monitors even controlling the exact location to place the cursor on a monitor.

Add a Hotkey

Adding a hotkey simply requires specifying the hotkey and defining the action to be taken. When hotkey switching between PCs the cursor can be place in the same location it was previously in or be placed at a specific pixel location defined by the hotkey.

Multiplicity Software KVM Add a Hot Key
Multiplicity Software KVM Audio Set Up

Audio Set Up

Multiplicity enables multiple KM and KVM connected PCs to send their audio output to a central PC. Configuring this capability is as simple as designating one PC as the receiver and other PCs as the senders. All incoming audio is simultaneously received and heard by the central PC user.

Advanced Audio Settings

Advanced audio settings can be adjusted to ensure optimal audio performance.

Multiplicity Software KVM Advanced Audio Settings

Secondary PC Set Up

Secondary PCs are controlled by the Primary PC keyboard and mouse in KM mode and also share the Primary PC monitor in KVM mode. The switch in the upper right corner designates a PC as a Primary or Secondary.

Secondary PC Security Set Up

Multiplicity provide a comprehensive set of Secondary PC security options enabling the user to restrict the PCs that can access and control it.

Multiplicity Software KVM Secondary PC Security Setup

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