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Multiplicity Outperforms TeamViewer and Synergy

With Multiplicity I can easily move files/folders to the laptop that sits on one side of my desk before travel, and back again when I return to the office. I also keep a full backup system that mirrors my office desktop on a system in the basement. With KVM mode I can easily verify the system is properly synced, and all software updates are in-place without having to walk down to the basement from my 2nd floor office. I've used Remote Desktop, GoToMyPC and TeamViewer for remote system admin of my backup PC, but really prefer the simple KVM mode of Multiplicity. For controlling the laptop on my desk from the desktop I've used Mouse without Borders, and Synergy, but Multiplicity has more options, including the ability to share audio.

Hardware KVM Switch is not Seamless KVM Switching

I run a small I.T. support business and rely on my workbench with 4 computers. I have my personal PC, 2 service computers for scanning client’s drives and a fourth computer that is used as a TV whilst I work. It is VERY often that they are all running at once and I control them all with Multiplicity. I have used KVM switches in the past with some degree of success, but that situation was no-where near as good as Multiplicity. What I like best about Multiplicity is the seamlessness of it. The mouse pointer just glides easily from one screen to another. That and the fact that, unlike with KVM switches, I can access multiple screens running at once with one keyboard and mouse.

The Growing Problem of Hardware KVM Switch Obsolescence

Years ago, every machine I owned had its own monitor, mouse and keyboard. I had tried hardware KVM boxes but as PCs and graphic cards grew more powerful and monitor connection changed I couldn’t and didn’t want to keep up with high price of new KVM boxes with new connections...plus I discovered Multiplicity. I have owned Multiplicity V1, V2 and now Multiplicity V3. Multiplicity runs in the background and I never have to interact with the program. Switching PCs, moving existing KVM session screens to different monitors, resizing screens and other Window functions are all automatic, that is, I don’t have to really think about what I am doing - it just works!

Multiplicity Creates Time and Efficiency for Small Business Owner

Multiplicity saved me from having monitors, keyboards & mice coming out my ears. It was a lifesaver as well as space-saver. Before finding Multiplicity, I used multiple machines with monitors, keyboards, mice and peripherals in different locations. I was constantly moving around to run programs or check video feeds. Wasn’t a lot of fun but it was all I could do. Multiplicity made life so much easier and in a high tech, fast moving business, anything that makes using technology easier is a huge plus. Multiplicity gets a huge Two-Thumbs Up!!

Multiplicity Brings More KVM Switch Capability and Less Cost

I use Multiplicity because standard KVM switches do not allow me to cut and paste information between computers and KVM switches are much more expensive. Multiplicity is fast and simple to use. With Multiplicity I can cut on one system, slide my mouse over to the master workstation and paste it in. A real time saver.